Yehudit Mizrahi Dar

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“Suddenly a man wakes up, decides he is a nation and starts to walk” - Amir Gilboa

Landescape is the 1st installation of the series- Thingamajig and its aiming to reveals the dichotomy between the right of each and every cultural group to live in a place they feel safe to call home and the fundamental necessity of pluralistic society for integration. A last is a form used by shoemakers, in the approximate shape of a human foot. All but one of the wooden shoe lasts in Landescape were purchased in a small shop called Palestine in Jaffa’s flea market, Israel. All were made and used before 1948, before the existence of the Israeli state. I brought them all to Europe and then searched for suitable bodies. I found the combination of the old European suitcases and the Palestinian wooden shoe lasts striking, as there might be some sort of ownership related connection between both objects.