Yehudit Mizrahi Dar

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The first step I took before starting with my serial self-portraits is to study the story behind my name. As a child, I have very strong memories concerning the weight of my name. While all the other children had modern short names, I had an old fashioned name with 3 syllables: YE-HU-DIT (Judith in English), which means ‘the Jewess’ in Hebrew.

Obsessed by Caravaggio’s painting Judith, I touched this masterpiece with my dirty new computer. By only replacing their heads, Judith and Holofernes are situated in completely different battle formation which causing dramatic change of occurrences. Judith is seems surprised by the new situation, she feels implanted inside a foreign body. Surprised and disgusted by her new body, Judith’s only wish is to detach herself from the male figure forced upon her. Holofernes on the other hand, seems like he is in psychotic trans, singing his favorite tune while mauling her throat whereas his emotional state unclear, ranges from joy to nausea.

and the blind woman doesn’t seem to notice all what accrued in front of her shot eyes...