Yehudit Mizrahi Dar

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The innovative mixed-media artist Yehudit Mizrahi Dar explores movement, sound and visuals in two- and three-dimensional artworks. She creates kinetic sculptures, mixed media installations, collages and photography and fuses various art forms with a high degree of subtlety and originality.

Her artistic voice is both poetic and socially engaged, probing our collective emotional terrain in an insightful, compelling manner. Themes such as gender, foreignness and identity explored in her art imparts a sense of intellectual and cognitive transformation.

Mizrahi's training as a professional dancer gives her an acute understanding of the body’s relationship to space. Embodied narratives of movement within the three dimensions is an invaluable element in Mizrahi’s oeuvre.

Born in 1978, Israel, Mizrahi moved to Amsterdam, NL in 2000 and has lived and worked there ever since. She studied at the Sonology department of the Koninklijk Conservatorium (Den Haag, NL), the Theatre school (Amsterdam NL) and in 2008, Mizrahi received a BFA from the Audio Visual department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam, NL). Her work has been exhibited in the Museum voor Moderne Kunst (Arnhem), Rijksmuseum Twenthe (Enschede) and Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) among other venues.